Como Preparar Un Té Moruno Correctamente

How to Prepare a Moorish Tea Correctly

Moorish tea or Moroccan tea as many people call it is what is prepared in Morocco, but it is not a variety of leaves, it is a way of preparing it. In fact, this country is not a producer due to the unfavorable weather conditions for the growth of the plant.

To make this variety they use gunpowder green tea, which comes from China. It is special because the leaves are collected and rolled tightly so that they acquire greater strength. And it is known as gunpowder, because its dry leaves are in the form of small balls, which unfold later in contact with hot water.

In Morocco what they consumed were infusions made with fresh mint, and after the arrival of Gunpowder green tea, Moorish tea began to be consumed.

Its preparation is an art and it is a ritual that men were in charge of. The preparation process is carried out in front of the guests or diners.

Steps to prepare Moorish tea

Its flavor is marked by its preparation, which is what differentiates it from any tea. We tell you the steps you have to take to succeed in its preparation.

  • If you use a metal teapot for the first time you have to fill it with water and then throw it away. This way the metallic taste will go away.
  • You can measure the water with glasses, one for each diner. And the amount of tea is usually one tablespoon per person, but we advise you to see the recommendations on the package that will guide you better.
  • Put the gunpowder tea in the teapot and add the boiling water. We will throw this water away to wash the leaf, remove part of the theine and remove part of the tannins that give it bitterness.
  • Then we add the boiling water again and let it rest for a minute.
  • Add fresh mint leaves, or peppermint if you prefer, and sink them into the water, to the bottom. If they float and stay on top, they will take on a burnt and slightly bitter taste that Moroccans call "burnt tea."
  • Then the sugar is added, which is approximately 20 cubes per liter of water, or you can measure it by one cube per cup. This is a very sweet tea.

The way you mix it is also an art. They don't mix it with a spoon, what they do is pour it into the glass of the person who is preparing it, the master of the ceremony, and then into the teapot again. Like this a couple of times. He will be the person in charge of checking if it has the right amount of sugar or mint, and if necessary he will add it.

The last step is to serve it in the diners' glasses or cups. And what you have to do is pour it, that is, pour it from a height so that the water is oxygenated and foam appears in the containers. The art of this tea is to make foam, only a very foamy tea is served with dignity to a guest of honor. Furthermore, foam is a good omen in Moroccan culture, since it represents luck and fortune.

While we are consuming our Moorish tea, the leaves that remain in the teapot continue to infuse, so each cup we serve will be increasingly stronger.

Our varieties

In our store you will find gunpowder green tea that will help you prepare Moorish tea or Moroccan tea (whatever you want to call it) in an artisanal way. You can delight your guests with this infusion. Remember that if you don't want it to be very bitter you have to throw away the first infused water.

But if you are one of those who do not have time to do the complete ritual, or you do not think that you will not have fresh mint or peppermint on hand, we recommend our variety of green tea with peppermint. We've blended gunpowder green tea with chopped peppermint leaves for that powerful, fresh flavor. It is perfect to enjoy all the flavor of Moorish tea but with less preparation.

You already know that if you have any questions or need advice in the store we will be happy to help and advise you. Come visit us or enter our online store and contact us.

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