La Frescura del café: ¿Por qué es tan importante?

Coffee Freshness: Why is it so important?

Who isn't fascinated by enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in multiple forms: smooth, sweet, bitter, intense, with milk, with ice, even as a cocktail? But do we really know how to maintain the freshness of this appreciated elixir? It's an intriguing question that we often forget, but it deserves our full attention.

Coffee, when in contact with air, oxidizes , and to take advantage of the maximum quality of our coffee, there are crucial aspects that we must consider. For example, unroasted green coffee can last 8 to 12 months, unground roasted coffee about a month, while ground coffee only lasts about 15 minutes.

An important detail is that, when grinding coffee, the particles exposed to the air increase, which accelerates its oxidation process . In fact, after 24 hours of grinding, it has already lost 50% of its organoleptic properties (aroma and flavor). This does not mean that the drink harms us, but it does mean that it loses quality .

The internet is full of tips on how to keep coffee fresh, but not all of them are effective and some can harm the quality of the coffee .

Fortunately, Incapto Coffee has all the answers to guide us in the correct storage of coffee and preserving its freshness at home.

The importance of keeping coffee fresh lies in the fact that each product requires specific care to preserve its properties. Just like we store meat, chicken or cheese in the refrigerator, coffee also needs a suitable place to maintain its quality.

The winner of the 2019 world cupping championship, Daniel Hobart, warned that coffee has an expiration date , so even if it does not make us sick, it is not advisable to consume an old product .

Coffee is a delicate food that, when exposed to air, becomes rancid and loses its appeal over time .

To preserve coffee correctly, we must store it in a cool, dark and dry place , away from heat sources and strong odors. Coffee is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture and odors from its environment.

Packaging is crucial to prevent coffee oxidation. Opting for a container with a valve allows the gases from the roasted coffee to escape without allowing air to enter.

Once opened, it is essential to prevent the coffee from coming into contact with oxygen , storing it in airtight containers to prolong its freshness.

Incapto Coffee cares about the environment and uses aluminum-free packaging to maintain the quality of the coffee without compromising recycling.

If we buy only the necessary amount and grind the coffee when we consume it, we will prevent fresh coffee from remaining unused for a long time .

The roasting date is a relevant factor to ensure the freshness of the coffee. After roasting, the coffee must sit to degas before consumption. A coffee roasted between 8 and 21 days guarantees quality, although we can enjoy it up to a month after roasting.

Storing coffee in the refrigerator is a mistake , as it will absorb the odors of other foods. It is preferable to store it in a suitable place and remove the air from the container to maintain its pure and delicious flavor.

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