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Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women)

Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women)

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Café Costa Rica Terrazú (Women): A Coffee of Excellence with a Feminine Seal

Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women) is a jewel of the Costa Rican coffee industry, grown in the prestigious Terrazú region. What makes it even more special is the feminine seal it bears, since its cultivation, harvesting and processing are led by women coffee growers. Join us to discover the excellence and passion that lies behind each bean of this unique coffee.

Terrazú: The Cradle of Coffee Excellence

Terrazú is a renowned coffee growing region located in the province of San José, Costa Rica. It is known for its temperate climate, nutrient-rich volcanic soils, and ideal altitudes for growing coffee. These natural conditions provide an environment conducive to the development of high-quality coffee beans and distinctive flavors.

The Feminine Seal: Empowering Women Coffee Growers

Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women) carries the unmistakable seal of female leadership in the coffee industry. Women coffee farmers in the region have assumed a fundamental role in the process of growing, harvesting and processing this coffee. Their dedication, knowledge and passion are reflected in each bean, providing a coffee that is a true masterpiece.

A Cultivation with Care and Responsibility

The women coffee farmers of Terrazú carry out the crop with great care and responsibility. From the selection of coffee varieties to the meticulous attention during the growth of the fruits, each stage of the process is carried out with care and love for the land. This special connection with nature translates into exceptional quality coffee.

Manual Harvest: Selection of Grains of Excellence

The harvest of Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women) is done manually, guaranteeing that only coffee beans at their optimal point of maturity are collected. This careful selection ensures that each cup of coffee has the highest quality and exquisite flavors.

Artisanal Processing: The Touch of Mastery

Once the beans are collected, the women coffee growers of Terrazú carry out artisanal processing. Each stage of the process, from washing to drying in the sun, is carried out with skill and precision. This touch of mastery is reflected in the final result, a coffee that stands out for its exceptional flavor and aroma.

Enjoy Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women)

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of Café Costa Rica Terrazú (Women) and let yourself be carried away by its distinctive flavor and captivating aromas. Each cup is a sample of the commitment, dedication and talent of the women coffee growers of Terrazú, who have created a coffee of excellence with an unmatched feminine touch.


Café Costa Rica Terrazú (Mujeres) is a true gem of the Costa Rican coffee industry. Coming from the Terrazú region and grown, harvested and processed by women coffee farmers, this coffee is a testament to female leadership in the world of coffee. With distinctive flavors and exceptional quality, each cup is a tribute to the effort and passion of the women who have left their mark on this wonderful beverage.

Enjoy Costa Rica Terrazú Coffee (Women) and celebrate the art and excellence of coffee with a feminine seal!

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