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Green Tea Pomegranate Spell

Green Tea Pomegranate Spell

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Experience the irresistible spell of Hechizo de Granada green tea. This captivating blend combines the freshness of green tea with the sweetness of apple, the intensity of hibiscus, orange peel, orange blossom petals and the vibrant touch of rose hips.

Hechizo de Granada green tea will seduce you with its fruity flavor and intoxicating aroma. Each sip will transport you to an exotic garden full of intense flavors and delicate floral notes. The combination of carefully selected ingredients creates a symphony of balanced and exquisite flavors.

Pomegranate, apple and hibiscus provide a burst of juicy flavors, while orange peel and orange blossom petals add a refreshing citrus touch. Rose hips, rich in vitamin C, provide an extra dose of benefits for your well-being.

Enjoy a moment of pleasure and delight with Hechizo de Granada green tea. Let yourself be enveloped by its magical charm and feel how it energizes your senses. This tea is perfect to enjoy both hot and cold, at any time of the day.

Discover the spell of pomegranate in every sip of green tea. Experience the perfect harmony between fruity and fresh flavors, along with the healthy benefits of green tea. Let this enchanting elixir transport you to a world of exquisite flavors and magical moments.

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