Our history

Tebullient arises from the need to satisfy the growing demand, on the part of the final consumer, for the appreciated teas made from pomegranate.

Our interest in tea comes, as in all exciting companies, from enjoying what you do, despite the effort it demands, and, in this case, from those great moments that occur around a good cup of this inspiring infusion. . It is from this rewarding experience that our willingness to share this knowledge is born.

Although the tea market in Spain is quite recent and its expansion is related to flavored teas, it is a matter of time before the hobby shifts towards teas with a designation of origin, such as fermented ones from Darjeeling and Assam from India. , Gyokuro and Kukicha from Japan, white teas and Pu Erh from China, semi-fermented teas from Formosa, to give a few examples. And that is where we want to put the emphasis.

With Tebullient we want to spread the culture of tea, which is as broad and as sophisticated as that of wine, giving information, advice and putting at your disposal a selection of the most representative teas from world producers.

Own Preparation

From the beginning, the preparation of our teas has been artisanal, carefully choosing and mixing the ingredients to guarantee the quality of the final product.

At Tebullient we like things well done. For this reason, we have maintained a simple production method, with small batches, but with very effective technology, similar to this type of industry, avoiding, at all times, damaging ingredients as delicate as tea leaves, flowers or fruit...

Likewise, throughout the production process we carry out meticulous control in the preparation of each batch, over the mixing and flavoring process, guaranteeing the quality of the final product. To all this we must add the invaluable collaboration we maintain with our clients; always being receptive to your suggestions and instructions, which allows us to both perfect already consolidated products and create new ones, to your full satisfaction.

All this makes us a dynamic and creative company, which can satisfactorily respond to the needs of those looking for a well-made product.

Quality of Our Products

Quality Certificates

Our suppliers go through a prior approval procedure, through which we verify that they have the necessary accreditations.
Raw materials are controlled from their reception, verifying their perfect conditions and documentation, throughout the entire production process, through traceability and correct packaging and storage of each product, until it reaches the customer.

We can provide all types of certificates of analysis of our products at the client's request.