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Coffee Volcan Oro Guatemala

Coffee Volcan Oro Guatemala

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Café Guatemala, Volcán Oro: The Treasure of Atitlán

Guatemala coffee, Volcán Oro, is a jewel that comes from the foothills of the majestic Atitlán Volcano. This variety, known as SHG (Strictly Hard Bean), is grown at altitudes ranging between 1,600 and 1,700 meters above sea level, which gives it unique characteristics and exceptional flavor. Join us to discover the magic of this coffee that combines tradition, art and the very essence of the region.

The Art of Farming in the Heights

Guatemala's Volcán Oro coffee is grown in the heights of the Atitlán region, a privileged location that provides the perfect climate and soil for its development. High altitude farming, known as SHG, causes coffee beans to grow more slowly, allowing them to absorb more nutrients and develop more complex flavors.

Local farmers have perfected the art of growing coffee at these altitudes, using traditional and sustainable practices that respect the environment and protect the region's biodiversity.

Artisanal Manual Harvesting Process

The harvesting of Guatemalan coffee, Volcán Oro, is a meticulous and artisanal process. Farmers carefully select each ripe grain by hand, ensuring that only fruits at their peak are harvested. This manual practice guarantees the quality of the coffee and avoids the inclusion of defective beans in the production process.

The love and dedication that farmers put into collecting each bean is reflected in the cup, providing a unique and exquisite experience to lovers of good coffee.

Wet Beneficiation: A Captivating Process

Once harvested, the coffee beans are subjected to a wet milling process, also known as washing, which is a technique used to obtain high-quality beans.

In this process, the beans are separated from their pulp and then fermented in water for a certain period. This allows the mucilage, a sticky layer surrounding the beans, to break down and fall away, leaving the beans clean and ready for drying.

The wet mill is crucial to highlight the characteristic notes and flavors of Guatemala, Volcán Oro coffee, and ensure an exceptional cup with every sip.

A Sensory Experience: Notes of Chocolate, Caramel, Tropical Fruit and Cedar

Guatemala coffee, Volcán Oro, is known for offering a unique sensory experience in every cup. Its distinctive notes of chocolate, caramel, tropical fruit and cedar intertwine in harmony, delighting the palate with each sip.

The captivating aroma and complex flavors make this coffee variety appreciated by both connoisseurs and coffee aficionados around the world.

A Treasure of Central America

Guatemala coffee, Volcán Oro, is a true treasure of Central America. Its exceptional flavor, grown in the heights of the Atitlán Volcano, and its artisanal process of manual harvesting and wet processing make it a unique gem of its kind.

If you are looking for an incomparable sensory experience and a coffee that captures the very essence of the region, look no further than Guatemala coffee, Volcán Oro. Discover the magic of Atitlán in every cup and let yourself be carried away by the passion and artistry that local farmers They put in each grain.

Immerse yourself in the aroma, flavor and tradition of this extraordinary coffee!

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