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China Blue Oolong Tea Se Chung

China Blue Oolong Tea Se Chung

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Blue tea, semi-fermented with a fruity aroma and delicate infusion.

Se Chung Oolong has a shorter fermentation time than other Oolongs from Fujian Province, resulting in a more subtle Oolong character. There are delicate notes of Ti Kuan Yin style flavor combined with a light herbaceous green character. This is why this particular tea is sought after with delicate flavor notes of a superior Oolong, combined with the attributes of green tea. Smooth cup with notes of exotic flavor. Light color that tends to a yellowish infusion.

Cup characteristics: smooth with exotic flavor notes. The leaves open beautifully.

China's best oolongs come from Fujian Province, in the Wuyi Mountains area, as Fujian Province is the historical "birthplace" of China's oolongs.

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